It’s Been a Long Ride…


Today we have reached our 5,000th “like” on Facebook. It’s a momentous occasion for us. Maybe you remember the moment in that screen shot above, when we had 505 fans. And now, 5,005 is more like it. With your help, we’ve grown exponentially in just the past two years.

True, Facebook doesn’t represent all of our fan-base, but we’ve watched our numbers go up steadily there, even through times when people have been dropping out off the Facebook. We’ve marked it as an indicator of our strength overall.

We’re giddy over this, so we’re going to give that 5,000th “like” a prize pack including:

  • FREE admission to the Guide release party (see below)
  • Copies of Guides past
  • Last year’s Marty shirt


We’re also going to use Facebook to announce the release party for An Underground Guide to Alburquerque #6 (which will be in early December), so keep your eyes trained.


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