Stuff We Missed: Alvarado Urban Farm Dedication


Reaching back to mid-September, here’s another from the archives, just in time to remind you why you’re waiting for Spring: the new downtown farm! We’ve been known to collaborate with the Downtown Action Team over the years (like several of our advertisers, they picked up a Guide, and then the phone), and we love seeing them embrace this project. While it’s not quite a supermarket, it does promise both a better use of the old Greyhound station lot, and a frequent farmers’ market. Being lovers of food (and a vegetarian among us), we consider this a good thing. That said, like everyone we’re still holding a small breath to see how the prices look. We’ll keep you informed. In real-time. Promise.

The farm is located on Silver between 2nd and 3rd, round the corner from Gertrude Zachary’s gated self-adoration experiment.

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