Howie’s Sports Page

Howie's Sports Page (front)

Your neighborhood bar, replete with neighborhood bar folk. Sturdy selection of beers on tap and in unfancy bottles. There’s a pay-by-quarters pool table in the back, and on Monday nights in the fall, free potluck while you watch the game. Continue Reading

The Horse and Angel Tavern

A huge selection on tap and full food menu. That it swarms with yuppies shouldn’t keep you from the microbrews–the place is big enough for avoidance. Sure, the service is mediocre, but the patio is great, and getting up to order burns calories. Continue Reading


Amanda’s Bloody Mary shares company in our hearts with the Anodyne’s best, plus some delicious-but-pricey tapas. Tuesdays are 3-for-2 tapas; Sunday’s bartender’s drink of the day. Continue Reading

Exhale Night Club & Grill

If you’re looking for LGBTQ-anything, you’ll find it here–from cute bois to the ever-elusive half-naked Burqueño gogo. Continue Reading

el madrid


Voted by Guide staff both Best Place to Get Shanked and Best Place to Get a Drink From a Dirty Glass. Those of you already grabbing your keys based on that description, vayan con Dios. Continue Reading

Ed’s Pub (inside Leisure Bowl)


While Leisure Bowl has its own Lebowskian merits, Ed’s brings it all together. An excellent karaoke DJ works every night of the week. The waitstaff are stern, but they’ll grow on you. Continue Reading

Charlie’s Back Door


A Burque classic! This dark Scottish-themed bar tends to the daytime-break needs of ever-present Heights construction workers. Boasts a wide variety of whiskeys and dark ales, as well as the full Front Door menu. Try the sheepdip, a bowl of just-tender meat in chile.

CLOSED M-SA 2-5 Continue Reading

Chama River Brewing Co.

Chama Microbar

Two completely different locations serving the same excellent beer! Downtown has a casual, easy-going vibe (with food nearby). Up north is the huge, swanky brewery. Choose for location, mood, or who it is you intend to run into. Neither disappoints. Continue Reading

El Rey Theater

el rey

An old school theater that’s seen better days. Designed by Luigi Puccini, cousin of the famous opera composer, and maintained (barely) by his granddaughter. The building also used to house a kick-ass smaller venue, The Golden West, but a 2008 fire burned it to the ground. Continue Reading

The Dragon Horn

The reincarnation of Brian O’Brien’s. Despite the name, you won’t see many 12-sided dice and elf ears. Pool tournaments on the back pool tables, the dart boards are always hopping, and karaoke on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Continue Reading