McCall’s Pumpkin Patch and Haunted Farm


  • Address:
  • 34 McCall Lane
  • City/Res:
  • Moriarity
  • Open Late:
  • The Haunted Parts Are
  • Made With Love:
  • Yes
  • Cost:
  • $-$$$

  • Website
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Owned and oped by a married couple and their two kids, McCall’s grows various things on their farm throughout the year, but when October comes, it’s the pumpkins you’re going to care about. Oh, and the haunted farm and haunted corn maze, too.

Acres and acres of orange globes await you late September through October, along with acres and acres of little children who are thrilled to be skipping among the rows. You pay an entry fee to the farm and get a wristband for the day. They’ve got the whole system down pat — you climb onto a hay bale-lined trailer pulled by a big ol’ tractor and you get carted out to the pumpkin patch. You find the pumpkin of your dreams, then waddle with it in your arms back to the trailer, and upon returning to the farm buildings, go find a cashier.

But there are tons of other things to do while you’re there, including cute pseudo-rides and a mock up of a wild west town, plus a petting zoo. You can buy “country kitsch” all over the place. The food is pretty good, too, especially at the bakery. Soup in a bread bowl, c’mon, what could be better. Okay, maybe the frito pie. And there’s a corn maze, which isn’t haunted during the day.

At night, the place transforms into every teenager’s favorite Halloween go-to for getting laid: haunted shit. Everyone knows that the most romantic thing to do during the Halloween season is to go somewhere that’ll scare the hell outta’ your date. The haunted farm and haunted corn maze will have you holding hands and screaming in no time, with the requisite stuff-popping-out-at-you and guys-chasing-you-with-chainsaws. Of the actors participating in this, all we can say is clearly this is the awesomest seasonal employment ever. Wear warm clothes because the long line you’re going to stand in probably isn’t going to be heated. (You can grab a hot chocolate to sip on while you’re waiting, though.)

The place is open on Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re a teacher and want to bring a group in, they’ll host you during the week, too.

There’s no booze on the premises, which is probably best since you’ll have to pack everything in for the long haul back to the city afterwards. Make sure to visit the website and figure out the directions before you go, especially if you’re heading out there at night. A visit to McCall’s will certainly put you in the holiday spirit, long drive and all.

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