Tractor Brewing Co.

image of Tractor Brewing Co. (Front)


  • Address:
  • 118 Tulane SE
  • Location 2:
  • 120 Nelson Lane, L.L. | 866-0477
  • City/Res:
  • Albuquerque
  • Phone:
  • 433-5654
  • Wifi:
  • Yes
  • Cost:
  • $-$$

  • Website
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Begun with a wheelbarrow and a dream in Los Lunas, Tractor’s  attractive, and surprisingly spacious, spankin’-new off-Central taproom makes a fine social office. Just behind everything you need to forget about – and anywhere you may need to stumble to.

In many respects, Tractor’s given Nob Hill the Micro Bar treatment: $4 locally-brewed pints, in a very comfy space, where you’re as likely to run into friends as strangers are to join the conversation. But of course, Tractor is not Chama, and we’re glad for it, because the fruits of competition are never so sweet as between local brewers. The Wheat, Stout, Pale and Red are all winners, and available year-round (one bar-goer called them “Swagged-out brew” in an Exquisite Corpse Eric passed around to kick off this review.) They also offer two seasonals: for Fall 2011, that’s the Hard Cider and the Doppelbock. They may not have Kellys‘ range, but they also forgot the price tag and the overpriced dining.

Getting in and back is a snap. Scads of parking along Central and Silver. And you’re only two hundred visually-obscured feet from the Rapid Ride. Of course, if you’re up for a challenge, you could always tour the mothership in Los Lunas.

So now you need to beat that beer back with some food. They don’t serve any, but there’s no lack of nearby vendors happy to find you on the lively patio. Bailey’s, street food, and slices all nearby, and the whole of Nob Hill, if you feel like walking. (You’re a skip  and a jump from the Co-op, and right behind the Double Yuppie, if you want a little compass.)

The Nob Hill space feels larger than it probably is. Loads of natural light, and never cramped, except at the bar, because a spacious bar is the saddest place in the world. The building has the look of a renovated mechanic’s shop, which we admit reflects the taproom meme going around, but they do it so pleasantly, it’s easy to settle in. We’re discovering, with everyone else, it’s just about perfect in early Fall: the heat’s dying down, a light breeze is picking up, and inside that fence, there ain’t much can bother you.

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