The Copper Lounge



  • Address:
  • 1504 Central SE
  • City/Res:
  • Albuquerque
  • Cost:
  • $-$$

  • Website
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How we miss Jack’s! The dingy, dark red booths, complete with ashtrays; waitresses with more hair on their arms than Eric’s chin, and that call from the liquor store at 10 ’til midnight: “Anyone want something to go?” But $.50 Taco Tuesdays ease our hearts (as they deliciously clog our arteries).

That’s right, as converts to Copper Lounge, we’ve learned they’ve kept some of Jack’s best elements. Still dark and cozy, with better plush chairs and booths. Still the attached liquor store but now don’t tell their already intoxicated patrons to buy more before slapping the road. (Though the chocolate cake shots make a strong argument for drinking in any safe context.) Admittedly, yeah, every single server is polite, courteous and attractive. The food’s been upgraded ten-fold and they typically sling 600+ of those oh-so delicious $.50 tacos. They also went to great lengths for you to be able to smoke there, building a covered patio/garage area where – yes, Virginia – you can smoke till your lungs file a restraining order.

Viva el Copper!

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