Barrett House Attic


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  • 4308 Lomas NE
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  • Albuquerque
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You know those thrift stores where everything is totally crappy and you have to dig for hours to find what you’re looking for? And even when you buy something, you’re probably going to have to reattach a button/work on a stain/deal with odor from the armpit? Or those thrift stores where you’re kind of dubious about how your money or donations are being used? Yeah, well, Barrett House Attic is the opposite of those.

When you walk into the huge store on Lomas, you know something is different about this place. Beyond how well organized it is, it’s the caliber and quality of the donations they receive that sets them apart from the rest. The Barrett House Attic is like a thrift store that’s grown up, and when you’re feeling like a grown-up, you should shop there.

In what circumstances, you may ask, would anyone be feeling like a grown-up? How about:

  • You want a full set of matching silverware, rather than a drawer full of shit you’ve stolen from Furr’s Cafeteria, and you don’t want to pay retail at Target or Ikea.
  • You want a suit. That matches. And isn’t stained. For a job interview.
  • You want to quit storing your dishes on the counter and have an actual dish cabinet.
  • You’re tired of sitting on milk crates and want actual chairs in your living room.

See? There are so many instances where the Barrett House Attic comes in handy!

The Barrett House itself is an emergency homeless shelter for women and children, and is an “entry point” for their other programs, including psychiatric treatment programs and transitional housing programs. In fact, the goods and clothing that are donated to the Barrett House Attic for sale are also used to help clothe and house the women and children who come through the Barrett House.

While the non-profit was founded by a Catholic priest (Brother Matthias Barrett), there isn’t any overt Catholicism present in their store or even in their mission statement. And as far as we know, the women and children they help aren’t forced into religious “treatment”, like some other charities out there.

The Barrett House Attic is kind of like a great big estate sale, except the money is going to alleviate homelessness and its causes. It’s the kind of place where you can feel good to be a consumer.

So put on your grown-up pants and buy some grown-up things at the grown-up thrift store, and feel fine about it tomorrow morning when you’re eating your kid cereal out of a bowl that belongs to a real (grown-up style) set.

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