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Sometimes at the Guide offices, when we feel redundant, we mosey to the Flying Star to bury our faces in a $12 eclair. Those days, we make a point of sitting near the register, in view of Albuquerque’s premier hyper-gloss, ATM. And we remember there are, as everywhere, (at least) two Albuquerques: theirs, and everyone else’s.

Winners of our prestigious 2009 Biters of the Year award for their equal parts flagrant and lame attempt to hip themselves by momentarily jumping on the “underground” bandwagon, ATM doesn’t offer much past a who’s who of local elite, photographed with their jewels on at parties New Yorkers would scoff at. We might even suggest they serve no purpose other than as a barometer of ABQ chic, and an annual index of heternormatively-hot singles. (Apparently, after years of criticism, they finally included some fine queer specimines in 2011.)

But, that’s not entirely fair. They do throw one hell of a party. They helped out our friends at the National Poetry Slam in 2005 with a lowrider full of ice-cold beer at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. And like every monthly, they forage for local and national stories that suggest a good life, like local salaries, The Facebook Issue (monster insights there), The Green Issue (chic association was so 2007), and the odd top handsome white dentist.

But shit. We can’t blame ’em for making bank; we would too if we had their morals. And if you’re into wealth, and worship in the cult of Youth = Beauty, there’s no better hometown gloss.

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