Asian Motors


  • Address:
  • 142 Wisconsin St NE
  • City/Res:
  • Albuquerque
  • Phone:
  • 265-7814
  • Made With Love:
  • Yes
  • Cost:
  • Contact for prices
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Whether repairing the Queen’s car or a queen’s ride, Sarun is an impeccable mechanic. And obsessed. Wait til you see the fleet of late-model Jaguars he’s restoring, like he’s preparing for some kind of posh, apocalyptic Iditarod. Not only will he repair your car, he’ll hand you the broken bits, peer under the hood with you to show you the work like your pappa used to, and diagram his route, without a hint of condescension. All we can say is, see ya later, Bim’s Locomotive. Appointments recommended.

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