Bob Raught’s Auto Repair


  • Address:
  • 2400 San Mateo Pl NE
  • City/Res:
  • Albuquerque
  • Phone:
  • 881-9615
  • Made With Love:
  • Yes
  • Cost:
  • Contact for prices
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Among mechanics who’ll tell you how to fix the simple shit, there are few who also hang taxidermized deer heads in the front office.

Bob, his trusty sidekick Ken, and their fast, experienced crew are among the most trustworthy, and cheaper, folks in town. From a new clutch to a Trip Check before pointing your clunker toward Taos, they never overcharge, even seeking after-market parts. Sweetest guys in customer service, too. When Adam brought in the Corolla he was considering, Bob checked it out cheap, then told him how to fix the front bumper with a paperclip. His car’s only known other mechanics in an emergency.

Just don’t ask about the deer.

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