Ed’s Pub (inside Leisure Bowl)



  • Address:
  • 7400 Lomas NE
  • City/Res:
  • Albuquerque
  • Phone:
  • 268-4371
  • Cost:
  • $-$$
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While Leisure Bowl has its own Lebowskian merits, Ed’s brings it all together. An excellent karaoke DJ works every night of the week. The waitstaff are stern, but they’ll grow on you. Expect all-American beers and snack bar food, including free popcorn! The singers are regulars, but everyone is friendly, and the old men will compliment you relentlessly if you pick a song from their era. Don’t be frightened by the bystanders in the back, looking through the song binder without singing–they’re harmless, especially if you’re one of them.

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