Viet Taste


  • Address:
  • 5721 Menaul NE
  • City/Res:
  • Albuquerque
  • Cost:
  • $$
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Having once been part of a Vietnamese family, contributor Elizabeth claims she has a sixth sense for pho. She will not be phooled by some watered-down nonsense, she says, and adds that, with her expertise, she knows Viet Taste has some great pho.

Elizabeth rarely orders anything but the pho here, but she’s not above sampling off her friends’ plates, and in the non-pho category, Viet Taste exceeds all expectations. A lemongrass tofu dish was the perfect combination of spicy and flavorful, and they were conscientious to separate the rice from the meal, so you could sort out the spicy vs. carby situation for yourself. Veggies are fresh and everything tastes great.

The restaurant’s cheerful green walls and faux-bamboo tiki hut decor are also more charming than your average Vietnamese hole in the wall. Classy and delicious = a perfect spot to take a date.

All this, and a price point that should shame some of the most popular soup shops in the War Zone into classing up their joints.

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