Cervantes Restaurant & Lounge

Cervantes is exactly the Mexican joint you’re expecting, give it’s smack in the middle of The War Zone… er, we mean, International District. No, no – there’s no looming threat of bar-fights or line out the door of gangsters (unless they’re there to eat). It’s just been there forever and hasn’t really…

Stuff We Missed: Alvarado Urban Farm Dedication


Reaching back to mid-September, here’s another from the archives, just in time to remind you why you’re waiting for Spring: the new downtown farm! We’ve been known to collaborate with the Downtown Action Team over the years (like several of our advertisers, they picked up a Guide, and then the phone), and…

Desert Fish


Once you get past the name, Desert Fish has a pretty solid grasp on what they’re doing, which is, really, a pretty lofty goal: to make seafood in Albuquerque a meal to be revered rather than feared.