Here we are again


It’s been a journey here in Guideland. Last month’s shenanigans reminded us just how little we knew about web design when we revamped this website last year, and frankly, how vulnerable we are in that world. So it became time to put some of the lessons Adam’s learned these last 15 months to use,…

Experiments in Cinema


It’s Burque’s esteemed annual experimental film festival! Other cities dream of being so cool, so if you’re one of those who thinks David Lynch needs to get deeper than the average episode of Friends, your moment has arrived.

Stuff We Missed: Alvarado Urban Farm Dedication


Reaching back to mid-September, here’s another from the archives, just in time to remind you why you’re waiting for Spring: the new downtown farm! We’ve been known to collaborate with the Downtown Action Team over the years (like several of our advertisers, they picked up a Guide, and then the phone), and…

Stuff We Missed: Adam’s Son!


So, we have a little bit of a posting problem. We have a ton of stuff we’ve collected to post over the last year… and forgotten to post. You know how it is. Holidays. Weddings. Funerals. Births. Life finds your throat, and you get distracted. Well, today we start chanting a robust…

The Frontier

The Frontier (side/front)

Order anything. They used to roll 24-hours, but the late-night roughens of Burque got too out of hand. Leave it to our gente to fuck up a good thing for everybody. God bless the memory of old Frontier! The perfect place to cram for a midterm, recover from a gutful of tequila and beer with enchiladas, and watch a fist fight after the Ludacris concert.


You’ll leave stuffed to the pores. Guide recommends everything on the menu, but the rellenos are battered to perfection, and when the chiles are extra-hot, they take on mystical properties. Dinner’s invariably served with chips & guac before, rice pudding after.

The Dog House

A uniquely Duke City experience, and so cheap it’s stupid. After all these years, it’s kind of impossible to imagine a downtown without that adorable, vaguely cannibalistic dog wagging its neon tail into the night.

Casa de Benavidez

Casa de Benavidez

Where other high-end New Mexican restaurants might look modeled on a house, here you’re waiting to be seated in Paul and Rita’s old foyer–and eating on their porch. It’s gourmet New Mexican made with love–ain’t a lot of places can boast that combination, and no other in Burque that we’re aware of.

Café Istanbul

This ‘everything from scratch, made by family’ café is also a grocery store and deli, offering pickled and canned bulk, most with labels indiscernible to English-only speakers.

The Burrito Lady


Get ready for some profanity, kids. The Burrito Lady doesn’t fuck around; she’s serious about good food. Yes, it’s genuinely spicy. And so tasty. The kitchen is just her and an assistant. She makes the chocolate cake in-house, and the slices are generous.